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QUESTION: OK, I joined and paid for my membership...now what?

Schedule yourself for a New Member Orientation Session which are usually held on the first Sunday of the calendar month. Click here to go to the LASC Calendar of Events. Cycle through the months to select a session you can attend. When you find it, click on the link. Then, click "JOIN" to fill out the information and submit it. You will receive a confirmation that you are scheduled for the orientation session you selected. 

At the session, a photo ID badge will be issued for the primary member and any additional family members over the age of 18 indicated on your application. NOTE: Please bring all additional family members over the age of 18 to the session.

QUESTION: I was a non-NRA member until recently and now I am an NRA member. Can I change my membership level at LASC to "NRA Member" to get the discount?

Yes, send an email to the site admin along with proof of NRA membership (scan of member card, scan of magazine label, etc.) showing the member number and the expiration date. We will change your membership level after receipt of the scanned item. Your discounted NRA member rate for LASC will show up during the next renewal period.

QUESTION: How do I add or remove a family member to/from my LASC membership?

Go to the member-only Add/Remove Family Members page. Fill out and submit the form for each family member added or removed. Your membership record will be updated with that information, and the "Extras" will be checked off on your profile. You will be invoiced $20 for each additional family member added during the member year. Future renewals will contain that information as well.

QUESTION: How do I get an additional proximity (prox) card for one of my added family members?

Please come to a regularly-scheduled New Member Orientation which are held the first Sunday of each month, starting at 12pm, at the LASC Clubhouse. After the new members receive their badges, tell the Membership Secretary that you are adding a prox card for the additional family member. The family member must also be present and be over the age of 18.

QUESTION: I added a family member in October and I was charged the full $20. Isn't the charge for each additional family member prorated during the year?

No, the charges for adding a family member are not prorated.

QUESTION: What happens if I don't renew my membership?

Section 7.3 of the LASC Bylaws states that "...dues are due and payable by April 1st of the Membership Year. The Secretary shall notify a member during the first week of his delinquency. After one month of delinquency, a member shall be dropped from the Corporation roster."

If your membership is not renewed by April 8th, we will send a "grace period" notice via email.

If your membership is not renewed by May 1st, you will be dropped from the LASC roster and your membership records will lapse.

Lapsed members may reinstate their memberships upon full payment of dues that were payable at the time their memberships lapsed.

Lapsed members are NOT eligible for prorated dues as a new member.

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