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LASC Work Credit Program
as of March 15, 2019

The success of the Los Alamos Sportsmen's Club is highly dependent on members volunteering their time and resources to a variety of efforts associated with improvements, maintenance, cleanup, and other specialized activities undertaken throughout the year.

The LASC Board or Board Officers will occasionally send an email blast to members with information about upcoming volunteer-based activities and ask for your help.

As an incentive, LASC adopted a "Work Credit" program for those who volunteer their time and resources.

LASC will provide a credit towards your annual membership fee based on the rate of $12 per hour of work donated, up to 8 hours per year.

As of March 15, 2019, you could obtain as much as a $96 credit towards your 2020-2021 member-year dues if you volunteer the maximum amount of hours.

Only Work Credit hours submitted through the online form will be accepted. Please, no emails or "Check with Fred, he can vouch for my hours" messages.

Any work credit hours submitted after March 15th will go towards next year's renewal dues, not the year's!

We're always looking for members who might have a specific area of expertise in construction or with computer applications.  Construction skills that the club frequently has needs for include plumbing, electrical work, cement work, carpenters, fabrication, steel work, and welding. 

On the computer side, the club is always seeking members who can:

(1) maintain and update the club website,
(2) run complex applications such as the Membership Database, Wild Apricot, and
(3) work on the club’s computer network including several wireless routers.

Any help you can give in those areas of need mentioned above qualify for Work Credit!

For more information, please send an email to workcredit@la-sc.org

Please click here to submit Work Credit hours via the online form.

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